We love our Maths Stations!

We love working at our Maths Stations. Our class splits into four groups and each group works hard on different activities. Before we begin our activities, we practise the language we are going to use at each station. These stations involve: active maths, maths games and pair or group work. Children are really engaged and have lots of fun in their maths learning.

FullSizeRender 56The pupils practice their number recognition, ordering and counting at this station as well as the link to literacy – joining the number word to its numeral and set.

FullSizeRender 57The pupils estimate how long an object is before they measure. We use words like “measure, length, long, longer than, short, shorter than” when we talk about length. The whiteboard is 74 cubes long.

FullSizeRender 55We get to play fun maths games also in our maths stations. We need to put the tiles in exactly the right place so as all of the colours are matching. Here, we are practising our knowledge of patterns and using our problem-solving skills to put all the tiles on the board in the correct place.

IMG_0387We also practise our strategies in our maths stations. The pupils are being active in their learning by using the hand-print number line. We are practicing the ‘counting on’ method. Also, the strategy in the photo above is called Pelmanism, where some of the sums are repeated to help improve children’s mental maths.

We have lots of fun and learn lots during our Maths Station time!