We are Wonderful Writers!

We have been working very hard on improving our writing. We write our news for ten minutes daily in our sketch pads, carefully watching for capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and using our phonics and word walls in class to help us with spelling. We are really noticing how much we have improved since the start of the year! Writing in our Sketch Pads is one of our favourite things to do each day.



We have also been discussing different stories and we are taking the first steps in creating and writing our own narratives! We examined different settings where stories could happen and created a colourful display on some of the ideas that we had.


Our stories can be real or imaginary and can happen in real or imaginary places. All stories contain characters. We learnt that adjectives are describing words, they describe our favourite characters. We created a mind-map of some of the adjectives we could use to describe Minions.



We need to use our imagination when telling and writing stories. We did notice that all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, though. We also saw some of the same words coming up again and again in stories at certain parts.


We are looking forward to following the yellow brick road through the beginning, middle and end when we are creating our own stories. We can use the displays we have created as visual prompts to help us with our story writing. We will be showing our own stories on this display very soon. It is fun and creative to discover the world of story writing!