We are Creative!

We have just drawn our first ever Creative/Community Week to a close and what a week it was! The whole school split up into four groups and travelled around to each of the teachers for a different activity. We organised this week in conjunction with a whole-school initiative on Creativity.

Múinteoir Nichola explored dancing – with a particular emphasis on Sean Nós, an old Irish style of dancing.

In Múinteoir Róisin’s room, the pupils worked with fabric and fibre in creating a whole school wigwam in art.

Múinteoir Áine worked with the pupils on creative writing and storytelling.

In Múinteoir Pól’s class, we did music! Múinteoir Pól played his flute, keyboard and violin for us. We discussed what music meant for us and how we could create it. We heard a video where there were strange sounds used to make really cool music. These sounds were all found in the kitchen. This was amazing!

We then went on to create a musical composition made entirely by our bodies! It was loads of fun. We made a piece of music called Rainstorm. We talked about how a rainstorm starts off gently, and then builds as the rain gets heavier and heavier. We had to think about this while we were making the different sounds. Here is a video of one of the finished products:


This week was also Community Week. We had special visitors in from our Local Community, such as; Garda Bob, Collette, our Dental Hygienist and very special visitors from My Canine Companions. We learnt that it is very important to wear our seatbelt, water and milk are the best things to drink, and about how some dogs were especially trained to help people.




We also got to visit the site of our new school building. We imagined and visualised where the building was going to be and where our new sports facilities will be too. What a fun week!