To Infinity and beyond…

Our Space Topic

For the past couple of weeks we have been working really hard and learning all about Space. We really enjoyed this topic and could keep on learning as there is so much to know about Space. We read lots of stories in Literacy such as ‘Whatever Next’, ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Aliens Love underpants’. We enjoyed this last story so much that we got to design and name our own alien and write a character description for each one. Take a look below…



After we read ‘Man on the Moon’ we did some descriptive writing about a journey to the moon.  This was really exciting and we did it by thinking of what we might see, hear, taste and smell while we were there. We listened to each other read our descriptions aloud and we were so impressed with each others imaginations.

How do you fly to space? In a Rocket of course! We even wrote our very own Rocket Shaped Poems. Take a look below

IMAG0662                 IMAG0660IMAG0661







After writing our rocket poems, we then went on to launch our very own rockets outside. This was so exciting as we carried out an investigation by making a prediction and then recording our results. Our investigation was called ‘The film Canister Rocket’. Our teacher put a fizzy tablet along with some water into a film canister and we watched our rockets take off.

Click here for our Rocket Video!


Here are our investigations; our predictions and our results



We finished off our Space topic today by investigating shadows. We had so much fun in the sun using chalk to outline our shadows at 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm. We were amazed at how as the day went on, our shadows moved and they got smaller.




















We learned that as the earth moves away from the sun, our shadows get smaller. Shadows are formed when the light source shines on an object but the object blocks the light not letting the light pass through therefore forming a shadow.

Follow the link below to have some fun learning about shadows.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about our hard work on our Space Topic.