Spring is in full Swing

Spring is in full swing in our classroom, we have been doing a lot of work based around the topic of Spring. For most of us, it is our favourite season, as everything starts growing again, the days are getting longer so we have more time to play in the evenings after school and it’s fun doing a big Spring clean. We talked about all the things we can see, hear, smell and touch in Spring and then did some fantastic writing on our new topic.

We talked about the fresh smell of the daffodils, the softness of the baby lambs and the beautiful colours in the garden. We also wrote some Spring acrostic poems which were really fun. We realised that all poems didn’t have to rhyme. We really enjoyed writing these poems.




Next it was time to learn about the life cycle of a chicken, we looked at lots of videos and pictures and we found it fascinating. We then made a class picture to show our understanding of the cycle.




In art we designed 3D daffodils and created our own daffodil garden. We think they look so pretty, don’t you?