Science Fun in Junior Infants

After an accidental spill of water in the classroom with Múinteoir Laura, we discussed the best possible way to mop up the water. We came up with some great ideas which included; a cloth, toilet paper, hand paper towels and photocopier paper. We discussed materials that would soak up water and materials that would not soak up water (e.g. a chair, a crayon, a pencil).

To start our investigation, we measured out even amounts of water onto our trays and each group picked a material to use. The green group used photocopier paper, the red group used a cloth, the yellow group used toilet paper and the blue group used hand paper towels.

After using all of our different materials, we investigated the amount of water that was left on each tray.

We ordered the trays from the most water left and the least water left. We decided on the best material to mop up a spill by measuring at the amount of water left on the trays.

We discovered that the tray with the cloth had no water left. We decided that the cloth was the best material to soak up the water because there was no water left on the tray!

The next best material to use was the toilet paper, then the hand paper towels and finally the photocopier paper.

We also discussed the movement of water between materials from the tray to the cloth. We loved making the water re-appear when we squeezed the cloth tightly!

We now know what to use if we spill water in our classroom. We also had lots of fun during this investigation!