Ár gCúinne Gaeilge – Our Irish Corner

We have an Irish corner in our classroom. We go there for our daily Irish lesson to talk, sing, say a poem and discuss posters in Irish. Tá an Ghaeilge bheo inár rang – Irish is alive in our classroom!







At the moment we are learning about the story Cochaillín Dearg. That is the Irish name for Little Red Riding Hood. We practise our new vocabulary each day and listen for it in the story. We then use that vocabulary to talk about the pictures and answer questions about the story.














We listen to Múinteoir Pól reading the story from the Leabhar Mór (Big Book) and we answer questions. The children develop their listening and speaking skills every day. We complete activities such as ‘Éist ages Tarraing’ which means ‘Listen and Draw’ to focus our attention when listening. We love Irish!