Happy Engineer’s Week!


Happy Engineer’s Week from all of us in Senior Infants! We are having lots of fun for the week.

Our play stations this week are all based around the theme of Engineering and we love them! We practise some of the skills Engineers need. We estimate measurements and check these using cubes. We  construct things like bridges and tall towers using sheets of paper.

IMG_0175                           IMG_0112

We experiment with magnets in creating and building robots and different machines! We program our BeeBots too. We work in pairs and take turns telling our partners where our BeeBots should finish. We love figuring out what directions the Bots need to take to get to their destination.

IMG_0181              IMG_0185


We also have began using the ScratchJr Application on our iPads. Múinteoir Nichola came into our class to introduce this to us. We will be using ScratchJr to help us learn coding and programming. It is a fantastic application which also helps children develop their mathematical and language skills in a problem-solving, discovery and fun way! We loved using ScratchJr!

IMG_0212          IMG_0213

IMG_0214           IMG_0215