Chinese New Year

This week in Senior infants, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the monkey. In Chinese classes,we have been learning the names of all the animals so we are now able to say it is the year of the Hóu. As part of our celebrations, we decided to make a whole-class dragon; the dragon is a very important symbol in Chinese culture and we watched some videos of Chinese New Year celebrations which involved lots of spectacular dragons in the parades.



We each painted a paper plate using only the primary colours; red, yellow and blue and then went on to make the secondary colours; orange, green and purple.  We each wrote our initials in Chinese in the middle of our paper plate. It was then time to turn each one into a beautiful flower by adding petals. We also learned that the flower is an important symbol in Chinese culture. When we put it all together, we were very impressed with our amazing work. Working together is always the best.

We were very excited to show our Chinese teacher today and we had lots of fun learning about The Spring Festival.