Big Blue Whale

This week Múinteoir Laura has been helping out in 1st class and we have had lots of fun learning about the biggest creature on earth; the Blue Whale.

We have learnt lots of facts about the whale which included the type of food a whale eats, where the Blue Whale lives, parts of the whale’s body and the meaning of the word ‘mammal’. We also read a book called the Big Blue Whale by Nichola Davies. It was a fact book and gave us lots of information about Blue Whales.

We were very interested in this topic and we loved watching videos by David Attenborough about this beautiful creature. Check out our fact files which we made into a book and it is now in our classroom.





We created beautiful sea scapes from different types of blue paper. We then learnt how to draw a whale and coloured the whale. Check them out below- they are amazing!


By: Alicia

By: MateuszIMG_0174

By: Natalia IMG_0175By: Leah