Meet our Staff


Paul O'Callaghan

Acting Principal

Paul is from Co. Kerry and graduated from Mary Immaculate College with an honours degree in Education and Music. Prior to taking up his position in Lucan CNS, Paul has worked in several different primary schools in Co. Kerry and Co. Limerick. Having competed in National Science Olympiads when in school himself, Paul is particularly interested in problem-solving, creativity and using digital technologies. Paul also has won various awards of Distinction for his musical abilities, particularly piano playing, which he exploits in the classroom to provide vibrancy to his learning environment.

Paul tutors with the Professional Development Service for Teachers and is an Associate with the National Induction Programme for Teachers. Paul has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Twenty-First Century Teaching and Learning from Trinity College Dublin. He has also recently completed a Masters in Leadership and Management in Education in Trinity College Dublin, focusing on Creative Methodologies and Curriculum Development. He has been published in the periodical Leadership+ for the Irish Primary Principal Network.

Having led the school in awards for Health Promotion and 21st Century School of Future Vision, Paul is passionate about providing the best learning environment possible for the school community. Paul endeavours for Lucan CNS to provide a warm, kind and caring ethos which provides the best educational experiences to the children.

Jacinta Murphy

Acting Deputy Principal, Special Education Teacher

Jacinta Carron, originally from Co. Monaghan, successfully completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2009. Prior to this, she attained a BA Honours in English and History from the University of Ulster. Jacinta has extensive teaching experience. In the first three years of her teaching career, she taught in a special needs school, where she gained valuable training and experience. Since then, she has taught a variety of mainstream classes and as a learning support teacher.

Jacinta has a love for lifelong learning. She has completed a Diploma in Irish and an MA in Theology. Jacinta is currently undertaking PhD research, aiming to enhance her expertise in the area of Religion, Ethics and Society. Jacinta has an immense interest in art and she is always keen to promote creativity in the classroom. Jacinta strives to create a positive classroom environment which enables each child to reach their full potential.

Riona Delaney

Teacher, Centre for Specialiased Education

Riona is from Roscommon town and has graduated with a Bachelor of Education from Mary Immaculate College. Riona has a keen interest in Special Education, having undertaken a specialism in Special Education Needs during her final two years of study. During this time, she completed a dissertation exploring the concept of movement integration for children with ASD.

Riona is a former competitive swimmer and holds a great love for the sport to this day. Riona also has a strong passion for the arts, in particular music. She enjoys playing piano and singing. She loves to bring her passion for music education to the classroom through song and dance, creating an active and fun learning environment. Riona hopes to create a positive and nourishing classroom setting where each individual is supported in reaching their full potential.

Riona will be teaching in the Centre for Specialiased Education this year and is looking forward to the busy year ahead.

Eoin Quirke

Teacher, Centre for Specialiased Education

Eoin is originally from Co. Clare and qualified from Hibernia College Dublin with a Professional Masters in Primary Education. Prior to this he completed a BA degree in Irish and Geography in Mary Immaculate College.

Eoin strives to ensure equal opportunities for all children. He also places significant emphasis on inclusive education in his classroom ensuring that every child is happy in his/her classroom. Eoin has a huge passion for Gaeilge and he believes that children should use informal Gaeilge as much as they can. Another focus of Eoin’s is that children’s individual needs and passions are catered for which in turn will aid children in reaching their full potential. Eoin believes in the importance of non-academic activities as an integral part of well-rounded education of children having completed his thesis based on the impacts that extra-curricular activities have on pupil’s social, emotional and academic performance. He has particular strengths in sports and functional movement skills through his current involvement in sport at a high level. Eoin aims to incorporate these strengths into his lessons and to after-school clubs.

Eoin is delighted to be working in Lucan Community National School where equality, inclusion and respect for all people, are values which are fostered on a daily basis.

Kate Waters

Junior Infants

Kate is from Co. Meath and graduated from St. Patrick’s College of Education with an honours degree in French and Human Development. After spending some time teaching English in France and Spain, she was inspired to do a Postgraduate in Education. Kate continued her studies in Liverpool Hope University achieving a distinction in her Postgraduate Certificate in  Primary Education. Prior to working as a Junior Infant teacher in Lucan CNS, Kate has worked in Manchester, teaching various year groups. Whilst in Manchester, Kate completed training in mentoring newly qualified teaching staff.

Kate adopts a child-centred approach, when teaching. She will recognise the children’s interests and then integrate these into the learning activities. Kate is a strong believer in collaborative learning and peer learning, she will often set tasks that will require the children to problem solve whilst demonstrating teamwork.

Kate is passionate about language learning, she loves learning about different cultures, customs and traditions. Kate enjoys visiting galleries and attending exhibitions, she likes to paint in her spare time and often attends life drawing classes. She believes that all children should be fully self-expressed and that the importance of art in assisting a child’s expression cannot be underestimated. Kate has a keen interest in running, she has ran numerous half marathons in aid of Mental Health Charities and she likes to train all year round.

Emma Ramsay

Junior Infants

Emma is from Lucan and graduated with a Bachelor of Education from St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra. Emma has a particular interest in the early years, completing a major specialism in early childhood education. She also completed a dissertation on oral language development for children with English as an additional language and hopes to use this experience to celebrate the wonderful diversity within Lucan C.N.S. Emma completed a minor specialism in dyslexia and reading, which has influenced the way she teaches literacy. Emma has a keen interest in active learning in all areas of the curriculum and strives to promote this within her classroom.

Her primary goal this year is to encourage all children to achieve their full potential. Emma is really looking forward to working with the children of junior infants and hopes their first experience of school is a healthy and happy one.

Sarah McLoughlin

Senior Infants

Sarah is originally from Co. Mayo and graduated with an honours degree from Marino Institute of Education, accredited by Trinity College Dublin. Sarah’s main aim in education is to support and nurture the individuality of each child while ensuring they all reach their academic potential. She has an interest in Gifted Education, having written her Dissertation on how best to challenge the needs of children who are exceptionally well able as well as exploring the main reasons for underperformance of such children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sarah believes in the importance of child – centred learning. Through the incorporation of mindfulness in the classroom, Sarah fosters an atmosphere of a calm and safe space where the children can learn.

Sarah has an interest in the arts, particularly music. She loves to sing and play piano. Through this she hopes to create an innovative approach to learning. In addition to this, she is also involved in sports and is a qualified Cúl Camps (GAA) Coach. She hopes to incorporate this interest into an afterschool club over the course of the year.


Fiona Kelly

Senior Infants

Fiona is originally from County Kerry and has recently graduated with a Masters in Primary Education from Hibernia College Dublin. Prior to attending Hibernia College, Fiona completed a four year undergraduate degree in Irish Music and Dance from Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. She has particular strengths in music and dance and has been an Irish dancer for many years. Fiona enjoys passing on her love of the Irish culture to her pupils and hopes to continue to do this in Lucan CNS.

Fiona believes in a positive, loving environment where children learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence and support them in reaching their full potential. She strives to create a child-centred, interactive and creative approach to learning in the classroom. Fiona is teaching Senior Infants and is looking forward to having a positive impact on the children’s growth and to new discoveries with a great team of teachers.

Michaela Kearney

1st Class

Michaela is from Dublin and attained a Bachelor of Education honours degree from Dublin City University.  She subbed in various schools around Dublin and taught English as a foreign language before joining the team in Lucan CNS in September 2019.

She is extremely  interested in incorporating outdoor learning in her teaching. Michaela  completed a CPD programme with DCU on outdoor learning. She is also involved with the Irish Forest School Association. She is deeply passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing in Lucan CNS  and recently completed Mental Health First Aid training. She incorporates mindfulness into her teaching and tries to foster a growth mindset in her classroom.

Ben Johnston, an educator, sums up Michaela’s philosophy for teaching with the words; “Great teachers engineer learning experiences that put students in the driver’s seat and then get out of the way”. She is extremely excited to be teaching 1stclass this year.

Róisín Cartwright

2nd Class Teacher

Róisín is originally from Co.Dublin and graduated with a Bachelor in Education from Marino Institute of Education. She has an interest in Special Educational Needs, having written her dissertation on Differentiated Instruction.

Róisín believes that how children feel is of the utmost importance for how he/she learns.She prioritises self-awareness and well-being in the classroom, aiming to create a calm, safe and happy place for learning. She has an interest in Mindfulness and brings this to the classroom everyday. Róisin joined the Lucan CNS staff in 2016. She has since trained in Restorative Practise, The Incredible Years Program, the Classroom Dina Program as well as Zippy’s Friends.

She has a keen interest in the arts, especially in music and drama. She loves to sing, play piano and write songs. Her love of music inspires her teaching in the classroom. She has also incorporated this interest into her after school Songwriting Group in which she scaffolds the children in writing, performing and recording an original song. Róisin will be teaching First Class this year and is excited for the year ahead.

Orla Corr

3rd Class

Orla is from Dublin and graduated with a Bachelor of Education from Froebel College of Education. She worked in Ireland for a number of years before heading abroad to pursue an international teaching career in Abu Dhabi. In this school she taught the International Baccalaureate Curriculum which focuses on child-centred learning and allows the children to take ownership of their educational experiences. She hopes to incorporate this approach into her classroom here in Lucan CNS.

Orla aims to create a calm and caring environment in the classroom, one which creates a relaxed environment for learning. She has a strong interest in the use of technology in the classroom as well as using the outdoor environment as a context for learning. She is looking forward to teaching 3rd class this year.

Avril Moran

4th Class Teacher

Avril is originally from County Mayo and completed her Bachelor of Education degree in St. Patricks Campus, Dublin City University. Having completed her thesis on promotion of children’s well-being, Avril is particularly interested in children’s sense of belonging in school, as well as children’s ability to flourish as lifelong learners when supported in a caring, supportive environment. As a member of Lucan CNS’ Well-Being and Health Team, Avril believes children’s well-being and happiness takes a pivotal role in teaching in order for children to be and achieve thebest version of themselves.

With a passion for the Arts and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), Avril completed a major specialism in Science Education and a minor specialism in Drama education. Avril is particularly interested in a constructivist approach to teaching whereby children are empowered to actively develop their understanding of new concepts by building on previously acquired knowledge and experiences.

Avril has worked for the past five years as a manager an International Language School in Dublin City University and Griffith College, Dublin. Avril strives to create a happy, exciting classroom climate whereby all children are supported to feel and achieve their best. Avril is looking forward to bringing her knowledge of different cultures and learning styles to Lucan CNS this year.

Laura Duff

5th Class Teacher

Laura is a graduate of the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education in Maynooth University. Her main aim, as a teacher, is to encourage children to use their unique talents and abilities to achieve their full potential. Laura believes that Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is necessary in order to prepare children for the 21st Century. She has co-ordinated the STEM Award for the school for the past two years. Laura’s interest in this area has led her to further her research in Trinity College completing a post-graduate degree in 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

Laura is the Communications Champion for Lucan CNS. As Communication Champion, Laura liaises with staff, parents and external agencies to ensure that our children are experiencing the best oral language programmes and services available. Laura has a keen interest in art. Laura hopes to combine her love of art and education with her training at Froebel, to promote a child-centred, interactive and creative approach to learning. Laura is driven by the inclusive ethos and exciting educational opportunities that are afforded to the children in Lucan CNS.

Áine McGinn

Special Education Teacher

Áine Mc Ginn is originally from Lucan and grew up in Lucan Village. Áine graduated from St. Patrick’s college 2013 with a Bachelor of Education Honours degree. She moved to London completing H.Dip with a final grade of Outstanding Teacher. While teaching in London, Áine completed a number of courses such as TEFL, Archways and Talk for Writing, gaining a strong interest in EAL learners and Special Education. After two years teaching in London, she returned to Ireland subbing in a number of different schools before joining Lucan Community National School. While in Lucan Community National School Áine has furthered her training courses with the Archways programme, completing The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management course and the Classroom Dina training programme.
Áine has a strong interest in music, playing guitar for a number of years and incorporating it into the classroom through lessons and afterschool clubs. Her aim is to create a classroom environment where children are supported and confident in reaching their full potential.

Emma Hurley

Special Education Teacher

Emma is from a farming background in north Co.Cork. She is new to the staff this year. She has just graduated from Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, with a Specialism in Language and Literacy Development in Primary Schools. Emma hopes to use what she has learned from this specialism to create enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences for children to whom she offers support. Emma hopes to create a classroom environment where the children can be eager to learn and develop new knowledge and skills.
Emma has an interest in sports. She holds a red belt in Taekwondo, and has several national titles under her belt. She also enjoys music, having taken up Electronic Keyboard three years ago. Emma is also interested in Public Speaking and Debating, which she hopes she can use as a way of teaching children how to express their thoughts and opinions effectively. Emma is a volunteer with the Sunshine Fund, which is a unique part of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul which provides summer holidays for children living in disadvantaged areas of Dublin. Emma believes that is is important that students know that they are cared about and valued in school.

Michelle Barrett

Special Needs Assistant

Michelle is from Dublin but lives in Leixlip, County Kildare. She is married with four children. Michelle is a soccer and GAA fan and she believes in the benefits of sport for physical and emotional well-being. Michelle also adores music and is very passionate about its benefits for adults and children alike. Michelle completed her Special needs training with Portobello Institute and was awarded Distinctions in both QQI Level 5 and Level 6.

During her early years as an SNA, Michelle acquired vast experience in both primary and secondary schools. Michelle joined the team in Lucan CNS in 2016 where she worked with Junior Infants. In 2017, she had the privilege to be part of the team that opened the schools 1st Centre for Specialised Education. Michelle loves her work in Lucan CNS and is privileged to be part of such an exciting and dynamic team. Michelle has completed courses in Autism, restorative practice and dyslexia. Michelle has a keen interest in restorative practice and has actively witnessed its benefits for the children and staff alike. She looks forward to welcoming you all back to school this term.

Lorna Costello

Special Needs Assistant

Lorna is from Co Kildare and a keen GAA supporter. She is a Special Needs Assistant, who joined the team in Lucan CNS in Sept 2016. Lorna has completed a BA Hons in Montessori Education (preschool to 12 years). She also received her Special Needs Assistant Fetac Qualification with Distinction. During her time in Lucan CNS Lorna has completed courses in Autism, Restorative Practice and Elkan Speech and Language Support.

Lorna has previously worked in a special school that caters for children with behavioural difficulties. In her first year in Lucan CNS, Lorna worked in First Class and her second year she worked in Senior Infants. Lorna will be working in our Centre for Specialised Education this year, which she is really excited about. She hopes that herself and the rest of the team in the centre can assist the children to reach their goals and give the pupils the skills they require for future education and life.

Amie Donohue

Special Needs Assistant

Amie Donohue is originally from Athlone, Co. Westmeath. She is one of our new Special Needs Assistants, joining our expanding team in September 2018.

Amie lived in Abu Dhabi for a number of years and has over five years experience working within a school environment in the United Arab Emirates.  Upon returning to Ireland she completed her Level 5 and 6 FETAC qualifications in Special Needs Assistancing achieving a Distinction throughout. During her studies Amie gained fantastic experience in a number of mainstream schools and also Special Schools.

Amie is excited about joining the growing Lucan CNS staff and will be working with first class this year, where she will support some students but also encourage them to integrate with their peers and promote their independence.

Lyndsey Rankin

Special Needs Assistant

Lyndsey is from Co. Dublin and joined our expanding team of Special Needs Assistants in 2018. Lyndsey previously worked as a SNA for two years prior to completing a BA Hons in Exercise and Health. Lyndsey then gained experience working with para-sport athletes through her work with Paralympics Ireland and was part of the Irish delegation for both the London 2012 & Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Prior to joining our team here at Lucan CNS, she was involved in the development of a para-sport called Boccia.
Lyndsey received her QQI Special Needs Assistant Qualification with Distinction and will be working in our Centre for Specialised Education for the second year. She loves the dynamic nature of the CSE and is excited to be working with a new team this year. Lyndsey hopes that the collaborative nature of Lucan CNS will ensure the children receive the support they need in order to enhance their personal skills and independence to allow them develop and reach their full potential.

Beverly Collins

Special Needs Assistant

Beverley is from Leixlip, Co Kildare. She is one of our Special Needs Assistants, joining Lucan CNS  in April 2018. Beverley received her Special Needs Assistant Fetac Level 5 Qualification with Distinction.

Beverley lived in the USA for a number of years working as an au pair for numerous families. She is a dedicated mother to 3 school going children and for the last 15 years, she has gained vast experience in childcare, minding over 10 children from infants to 8 years of age.

Beverley worked last year in the Centre for Specialised Education with a great team of people who encouraged and supported the children to become independent and help them achieve their goals. This year she will be part of the SNA team working with junior infants to support the children integrate into their first year at primary school.

Beverley has a passion for working with children and is looking forward to being part of a wonderful and caring team within Lucan CNS.

Graham Mulvey

Special Needs Assistant

Graham Mulvey is from Dunboyne in Co. Meath . Married and with three children, Graham is working in the Centre for Specialiased Education this year. Graham has a big interest in sport playing both GAA and soccer up until a few years ago. Graham is now involved in coaching in my local clubs.

Special needs assisting has always been a passion and interest of Graham’s. While working in his last job as a butcher, he decided to pursue his interest and complete his college course in the evenings while working. He would say, it was the best decision he has made. He has been working as a special needs assistant now for two years and he is delighted to have made the decision to change career paths. Graham has joined the team in Lucan CNS this year and is enjoying working here very much in the centre. He now looks forward to furthering his education even more and learning more skills.

Adrienne Doyle