21st Century Education

In Lucan CNS, we are passionate about future-focused, 21st Century Education. We aim to prepare each child in Lucan CNS for their lives beyond school. We focus on equipping the children with the requisite skills for the modern world we live in. The 6C’s of 21st Century Teaching and Learning are fostered throughout our curricula, and are a central focus in providing valuable learning experiences  for the children in our school.


In 2017, this continued effort was recognised. The school achieved an international award, ’21st Century School of Distinction: Future Vision’ in collaboration with Trinity College, Dublin. We achieved the award based on the creativity evident in the school, the promotion of 21st Century methodologies in teaching and the significance the school places on creating a positive environment positive mental health.

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We are one of a handful of Primary Schools in the country to obtain such an award and we are very proud of our hardworking staff, pupils and external agencies for their collaboration in helping us achieve this accolade.