A Busy First Week Back

It was a very busy first week back for Senior Infants. On Monday, the Dentist came to visit. She reminded us how important it is to take care of our teeth and we talked about what foods are good and not so good for our teeth. Some of us even had a go at brushing a pretend set of teeth. The Dentist was very impressed at how good we were at brushing.









We also learned a Top Tip for brushing our teeth: Brush for 3 minutes – the length of our favourite song

On Tuesday, the local community Garda; Garda Bob visited our school. He talked to us about Road Safety and Stranger Danger. We talked about what a Garda looks like and what he wears and how we would identify one out in the community. Our favouite part of the day was getting into the Garda Car and pretending to be a Garda. Garda Bob even put on the siren but some of us found it very loud. We really enjoyed having the Dentist and Garda Bob visit our school this week.










Thinge we need to remember:  Always wear a seatbelt in the car

                                                         Always get out of the car onto the footpath

                                                        Always wear a helmet when cycling

                                                        Always wear a high-vis jacket when cycling